16 May: Beau Brummell: Dandy on the Run

Socialite, wit and fashion influencer Beau Brummell fled to France on 16th May, 1816, in order to escape his creditors, from whom he had racked up around £600,000 of gambling debts.

Staying at Dessin’s Hotel, he entertained in his apartments while learning French and writing his memoirs, biding his time until his bestie George IV appointed him to the British consul in nearby Caen. But the position lasted only two years, and eventually he was jailed for his mounting debts in France.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly track the highs and lows of this iconic dandy’s relationship with the Palace; consider how his career in the consulate came to such a rapid end; and explore his influence on gentleman’s fashion ever since… 

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