12 Feb: Death of the 9 Day Queen

Lady Jane Grey – Queen of England for just nine days – was executed at the Tower of London on 12th February, 1554.

Edward VI, who had died aged 15, named the teenager as his successor in his will, even though Henry VIII’s daughters Mary and Elizabeth had a more direct connection to the throne. The protestant Jane fainted upon hearing she had been made monarch, and declared that Mary was the rightful heir. When the privy council changed their mind and declared Mary (despite her Catholicism) to be Queen anyway, Jane was sent to the Tower.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain why it was Jane’s own father – not ‘Bloody’ Mary herself – who was ultimately responsible for Jane’s beheading; reveal how even in the last moments of her life Mary conspired to get Jane converted to Catholicism; and discover that it’s *never* a good idea to put on a blindfold before you put your head on the chopping block… 

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