26 Apr: Killing Lincoln’s Killer

John Wilkes Booth was on the run for twelve days before being tracked down to a tobacco barn at Garrett’s Farm in Port Royal, Virginia, and shot in the neck. He died of his injuries on 26th April, 1865 – after several agonising hours bleeding out. 

Despite numerous witnesses to his death, it continued to be disputed by conspiracists for decades afterwards – one of whom took a mummified corpse he believed was the ‘real’ Booth on a tour of sideshows and carnivals.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain how Booth’s fame preceded him long before he fired a shot at President Lincoln; consider why the site where Booth breathed his last is still relatively obscured by the authorities; and explore how Boston Corbett, the man who killed Booth, was a rather curious chap himself…

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