30 Apr: Meet Mr Potato Head

Rerun: The advertising industry underwent a minor revolution on 30th April 1952 when Mr Potato Head starred in the first ever nationally televised ad campaign for a toy, unleashing the demon force of kiddie pester power on an unsuspecting world.

Unlike regular toy dolls, a Mr Potato Head wasn’t self-explanatory, so toy company Hasbro decided it was worth investing in TV ads for the product. The marketing decision is credited with helping sell more than a million Mr Potato Heads in the toy’s debut year. 

In this week’s Sunday episode, exclusively for members of 🌴 CLUB RETROSPECTORS 🌴, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain why Mr Potato Head’s inventor George Lerner initially had trouble getting toy companies interested in his idea; discuss the pros and cons of using real fruit and vegetables as toys; and reveal the names of the entire Potato family… 

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