2 Jan:
Ronald Reagan: Hollywood’s Governor

Former actor and SAG President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as Governor of California just after midnight on 2nd January, 1967: the end of the beginning of a hugely successful political career that would propel him all the way to the White House.

Reagan’s used oratory to gain prominence, notably his 1964 speech ‘A Time for Choosing’, supporting Barry Goldwater’s Presidential campaign, which established the Reaganite themes of anti-communism, limited government, and individual freedom. 

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly discover how Reagan’s Governorship led him to Commander In Chief; demonstrate how his political evolution from liberal Democrat to conservative Republican showcased his adaptability and pragmatism; and consider how he used charm and wit (oh, and astrology…) to connect with the public and beat Jimmy Carter at his own game…

Further Reading:

‘”A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan’ (Barry Goldwater Campaign, 1964):