16 Jan:
Shooting ‘Dr. No’

It had a budget of just $1 million, a lead actor wearing a toupee, and the baddie in the first draft of the script was a monkey. But the first James Bond film, ‘Dr. No’, which began shooting in Jamaica on 16th January, 1962, kicked off a phenomenally successful franchise that’s still a staple of cinema today.

Its star, Sean Connery, had been picked out by producers after his appearance in a Disney production, but was marketed as a former lorry driver with little acting experience.

Concerned that Connery lacked the sophistication of Bond’s background, director Terence Young took him on a tour of swish casinos, posh members clubs and his Savile Row tailors.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain how Connery came to improvise one of the movie’s most iconic moments; explain why Ian Fleming was first dismissive, then delighted by his casting; and trace the origins of the 007 formula that endures through all of Cubby Broccoli’s subsequent productions…

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