15 Dec: Spice World!

At the height of the ‘Cool Britannia’ craze, the Spice Girls released their first movie, ‘Spice World’, with a glittering premiere at the Empire Leicester Square, on 15th December, 1997. Geri, Emma, Victoria, Mel B, and Mel C donned pinstripe suits with boosted cleavage; attendees included the Prince of Wales; and their on-screen co-stars included Meat Loaf, Richard E Grant, Roger Moore, and Elton John. 

The film, made for a budget of just $5m and with a production schedule of just one year, had been written by Kim Fuller, who drew inspiration from The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night”, infusing the sketches that formed the screenplay with self-knowing British humour.

In this episode, Arion (WHO WAS AT THE AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE, WHAT?!), Rebecca and Olly consider whether a movie like ‘Spice World’ could still be made today; explain how the internet came to the rescue when it came to filming at the Albert Hall; and marvel at the eccentric characterisation of its five key protagonists…

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