22 Apr:
The ‘Hitler Diaries’ Hoax

Extracts from Adolf Hitler’s long-lost diaries were brought to the world’s attention on 22nd April, 1983, provoking an international sensation – until they were quickly exposed for being a hoax. 

Respected World War Two historian Hugh Trevor Roper had authenticated the diaries, leading Rupert Murdoch to personally negotiate a $1.2 million serialisation in The Sunday Times, which went to press as Roper changed his mind.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly reveal the true author of the ‘diaries’; explain why Murdoch was unrepentant, despite having splashed on perhaps the biggest fake news of the century; and appraise the chaotic atmosphere at the Stern magazine press conference, where punches were thrown, and David Irving started shouting about ink…

Further Reading:

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