8 Jun: Meet The Vikings

Northumbria’s ‘holy island’, Lindisfarne, was invaded by Vikings on 8th June, 793 in a smash-and-grab, ‘shock and awe’ attack that left locals reeling for decades.


The completely unexpected incursion was not, in fact, the first time Viking forces invaded the English coastline, but was, undoubtedly, the moment their reputation as merciless warriors and pirates was sealed.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain why the Vikings targeted so many of their raids on monasteries; consider why Lindisfarne was, in the first place, regarded as such a spiritual site; and explain why many Englishmen viewed the raid as vengeance from God…

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But our discussion about Lindisfarne doesn’t end with today’s episode… there’s also a chat about WIlliam of Normandy’s Viking connections, the perfect weather for a Viking invasion, and the identity crisis of Northumbrian Christians – but, to hear that, and a bonus bit like it each and every week, you need to subscribe to ‘The Bonus Pack’ on Apple Podcasts, or at https://patreon.com/Retrospectors. Thanks!

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