8 Mar: The Marx Brothers Bow Out

Comedy legends The Marx Brothers made their final on-screen appearance together on March 8th, 1959, in a TV short called “The Incredible Jewel Robbery.” However, due to contractual reasons, Groucho’s participation was kept a surprise until the end, with his billing simply as “a familiar face equipped with a moustache and leer.” 

The Marx Brothers’ transition from vaudeville to film to television showcased their adaptability and versatility. Despite contractual hurdles and changing entertainment landscapes, their brand of humour continued to delight audiences and influence future generations of comedians.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly explain why gambling debts motivated some of their various reunions; discover that a generation of Americans knew Groucho more as a TV quiz host than as a movie star; and reveal why the band Queen paid a visit to his Hollywood mansion…

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