3 Mar: Inventing the Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic, the company that created the sweatshirt, began life as The Russell Manufacturing Company on 3rd March, 1902 in Alexander City, Alabama. Its founder was entrepreneurial polymath Benjamin Russell, and they specialized in women’s undershirts.

It wasn’t until decades later – when Russell’s son returned from college with a concept for college-based sportswear – that the brand embarked upon designing their iconic garment that still sells by the bucketload today.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly compare Russell to various characters in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’; outline rival Champion’s claim to having invented the hoodie; and explain how ‘athleisure wear’ has its roots in apparel designed for spectators, not participants…

Further Reading:

• ‘Our Heritage: A Rich History’ (Russell Athletic official website): https://www.russellathletic.com/history

• Benjamin Russell – The Alabama Business Hall of Fame (ua.edu): https://abhof.culverhouse.ua.edu/member/benjamin-russell/

• ‘Harold Lloyd in THE FRESHMAN (1925)’ (Janus Films, 2013):

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