Let’s Build A Language


Linguist L. L. Zamenhof published ‘Dr. Esperanto’s International Language’ on 26th July, 1887 – and in so doing launched Esperanto, the most popular ‘constructed language’ on Earth. Thanks to apps like Duolingo, there are still around 2 million esperantists today. It was once even proposed as the official language of the incipient League of Nations …

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Radio 1 hits the road


Concerned that it was too London-centric, the BBC commissioned a series of pop-up outside broadcasts for its youth music station Radio 1, kicking off modestly in Newquay on 23rd July, 1973. The events exploded in popularity, and spawned an annual tour of bucket-and-spade Britain, becoming the iconic ‘Radio 1 Roadshow’. Despite the concerts pulling in …

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Marathon Begat Snickers


The world’s biggest-selling chocolate bar underwent a name-change in Britain on 19th July, 1990. Until then – concerned that Brits might refer to their candy as ‘knickers’ – Snickers had been known as ‘Marathon’ in the UK.  31 years later, the decision still smarts for some sections of the confectionary-buying public – but, thanks to …

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